PITTSBURGH, PA (WTAJ) — President Joe Biden visited Pittsburgh Friday, Jan. 28 to discuss infrastructure and his Build Back Better plan.

Back in November, as part of the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure bill, $18 billion dollars will come to Pennsylvania to repair highways, public transportation, bridge replacement, and water infrastructure.

Biden’s package focuses on everything from roads and bridges to greater internet access. The bill is set to modernize the country’s infrastructure, in which Pennsylvania currently ranks 44th overall.

During Biden’s press conference in Pittsburgh, he also spoke about the $7.5 billion being invested into election car charging stations. As part of both the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan and the infrastructure bill, he hopes to accomplish even more for green energy sectors.

Biden also discussed insulin and its cost to make compared to how expensive it is to purchase. Biden said someone who has type one diabetes purchasing insulin could cost an average of $656 and as high as $1000 for a month’s supply, but it cost under $10 to make. While insulin prices aren’t a part of the infrastructure bill, they are a part of the Build Back Better plan.

The legislation covers seven different sections of the country’s infrastructure and will start to see upgrades over the next five years. The bill was a bipartisan agreement signed on Nov. 15, 2021, is the largest investment made by the country in infrastructure in decades.

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