Lancaster businessman describes the scene of earthquake in Haiti

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LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Days after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit the island nation of Haiti, little help has arrived. Hospitals are overwhelmed, destruction is everywhere – a reality Lancaster businessman Jim Weber saw first hand. He said chaotic was putting it lightly.

“We’re about 130, 140 miles away outside the epicenter of the earthquake but we felt the ground shake and people left their houses and everyone downtown left their houses. My factory is where there is a convent attached to it and all the nuns came running out as well,” Jim Weber said.

Weber owns a factory there. His company Pravi is on a mission to lift up local communities in Haiti by providing them opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

“There are no jobs and they export nothing, therefore they continue to have horrible poverty issues among the people.  The whole purpose of the factory is to pay people well, have them make polo shirts, and have the surrounding area do better,” Weber said.

Luckily for Weber, his factory remains intact, as do those jobs, but for still those reeling from this disaster, this is a far too familiar experience.

“With everything that the people of Haiti have been through for them to go through tropical storm Fred, then three days later have an earthquake and have another tropical storm, a tropical depression is a lot for any country to handle, let alone Haiti,” he added.

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