DANVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ)– In order to ease some of the staffing shortages hitting the healthcare industry, Geisinger has announced a new program.

The hospital is launching a travel nurse program in order to address the staffing challenges it faces across northeastern and central Pennsylvania. When it first launches, the program will focus on the inpatient setting, specifically adult medical-surgical and intensive care units.

“The staffing shortages facing virtually every industry — and especially healthcare — are real,” Geisinger executive vice president and chief nursing executive Janet Tomcavage said. “Our clinical staff are working tirelessly. By expanding our offerings, we hope to attract more registered nurses to Geisinger. That way, we can alleviate the challenges of staffing shortage in our hospitals and continue our mission of making better health easier for our communities.”

If accepted into the program, nurses will complete a 12-week assignment and will have the option to apply for a full time position with Geisinger or complete anther 12-week assignment. Travel nurses will be eligible for 401K employer contributions, medical insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act and an allowance of up to $96 per day in their paycheck if assigned to a location 60 miles or more from their current location.

In order to apply for the program, applicants need to make a virtual, phone, or in person appointment with the Geisinger Career Center located at 529 Mill St. in Danville and speak to a hiring manager. To find out more about the career center, individuals are asked to call 877-564-6447 or to send an email to GeisingerCareers@geisinger.edu.

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Associate vice president of recruitment for Geisinger Jeff Lowry said that he hopes the program will allow Geisinger to recruit not only locally but also nationally.

“The goal is to give nurses choices and flexibility within their careers while adding experienced nurses to our Geisinger family. Our hope is that the program will help us recruit nurses locally and nationally who are looking for short-term assignments. These efforts will help us have more staff available to provide safe, timely and effective care to our patients and members.”

Cheryl Williams is the first nurse to join Geisinger’s new travel program and she said that she gets the “best of both worlds.”

“My decision to sign on as a nurse traveler at Geisinger was driven by the positive work environment, supportive staff and employees’ great work ethics,” Williams said. “With this new program, I have the best of both worlds: the ability to travel while staying in the Geisinger system. It’s a great place to work, with many career options and opportunities.”

For more information about this program and any hiring opportunities, visit Geisinger’s website