HARRISBURG, Pa (WTAJ) – As summer drags on and the heat just doesn’t quit the State Department of Environmental Protection is warning of the dangers of mosquitos.

Those flying pests are out and about and with them, the potential to carry deadly diseases.

The department showed off its mosquito surveillance and control equipment on Tuesday, July 26 in Harrisburg. They hope to remind Pennsylvanians to take precautions with mosquitos.

Mosquitos are capable of transmitting viral diseases, including West Nile, which has already been found in multiple countries this summer.

“West Nile virus can be anywhere from simple flu-like symptoms to full-blown meningitis swelling of the brain cells you can be hospitalized,” Jennifer Stough, manager of the West Nile virus program said.

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Officers emphasized the importance of avoiding mosquito bites by using insect repellent and wearing long sleeves when you’re outdoors. As well as getting rid of standing water, cleaning up trash and keeping your gutters clear of debris.