(WTAJ) — PennDOT and Amtrak announced that there will be additional Keystone Service trains operating between Harrisburg, Philadelphia and New York due to an increase in demand.

The additional trains will be in service starting Monday, April 25. Two new weekday trains will also be added on the weekends. All pre-pandemic Philadelphia to Harrisburg services will be fully restored, as well.

“Rail provides a convenient and safe travel option,” PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Multimodal Transportation Jennie Louwerse said. “After a long period of reduced schedules, PennDOT is pleased that Amtrak has been able to restore more daily trains and is proud to invest in rail service.”

Amtrak currently operates 18 weekday trains (nine in each direction) between Philadelphia an Harrisburg. There are 14 weekday trains (seven in each direction) between New York and Philadelphia. There are 10 weekend trains (five in each direction).

After the new service begins, there will be 24 weekday trains (12 in each direction) will be offered each day between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. There will be 14 available on Saturdays (seven in each direction), and 16 on Sundays (eight in each direction).

Between New York and Philadelphia, 20 weekday trains (10 in each direction) will be offered with 12 on Saturdays (six in each direction) and 11 on Sundays (five trains operating from Philadelphia to New York and six trains from New York to Philadelphia).

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Amtrak said it offers free WiFi, the freedom to use phones and electronic devices at all times (no “airplane mode”), the ability to travel with small pets on many trains, large spacious seats with ample legroom, no middle seat, and “generous baggage policies” in the travel industry – applicable for two personal items and two carry-on bags.