HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Attorney General Josh Shapiro has joined 19 other Attorney Generals across the country to help support federal action that would close loopholes surrounding ghost guns.

AG Shapiro announced Monday he is helping lead the coalition saying new federal rules would prevent violent criminals and anyone else who can’t legally purchase firearms buy ghost guns. Ghost guns are often made using weapon parts or kits that can be purchased without a background check and do not have serial numbers.

“I’ve long been sounding the alarm on ghost guns and how they’re becoming the weapon of choice for criminals,” AG Shapiro said. “For years convicted felons, violent drug dealers, have all been able to buy these guns at gun shows without a background check. With these new federal regulations, we are making it harder for gun kits to end up in the hands of criminals and easier for law enforcement to track crime guns in their investigations. All this helps make Pennsylvania communities safer.”

The rules would ensure the weapons parts and kits are subject to the same regulations that apply to any other gun. The rule would also make sure buyers pass background checks and allow law enforcement officers to trace any self-made guns that are later used in a crime.

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AG Shapiro said Pennsylvania has seen an increase in ghost gun recovered by law enforcement ands adds federal enforcement would help keep the weapons from multiplying.