Reducing Your Waste With ‘Eco-Friendly’ Items


Have you ever thought about how much waste you produce in a given day? It’s something to be mindful of, and that’s what local entrepreneur, Emily McCarty is trying to do! Just two years out of high school, Emily decided to start her own business in Martinsburg, a shop called Wildfire. Wildfire provides eco-friendly products to help inspire our community to live more green. Emily says she feel passionately about living a sustainable life, and believes that others should too. “I did a lot of my own research, and watched documentaries about the current situation of what’s going on with the waste that humans are producing,” says Emily. Emily says she makes sure that she speaks with the producers of the clothing items that she purchases for her shop. Emily also provides products that help reduce plastic waste like shampoo/conditioner bars, bamboo toothbrushes, jewelry made with recycled materials, and re-usable cutlery. You can find Wildfire at 518 South Market Street in Martinsburg or call (814) 935-7007.

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