TYRONE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Almost 30 years ago, the Tyrone Area Cooperative Ministry held a live Stations of the Cross to celebrate Good Friday. This year, the event was brought back, with some original participants returning to take part.

Doug Castagnola walked in the original Tyrone public way of the cross. Friday, he returned to celebrate with his children.

“I was probably her age, which she’s five, or younger,” Castagnola said. “I think it’s just really special that I can bring my children to do it now, and they’re participating. And when we carried the cross it was just a moment that I’ll never forget.”

The event was organized by Bill Harshman, who also partook in the original iteration.

“It kind of just burned in my belly, I’ll say, that we should do this,” Harshman said. “So it became a matter of networking, communicating with local pastors and lay speakers and organizing our mile and a quarter procession with the cross.”

Beginning at noon, over 100 community members took to the streets of downtown Tyrone, stopping at 14 different locations to hear prayers from local pastors.

“Every time we looked at the back of the crowd, it seemed to be getting bigger. So we’re very thankful that the people of the community, and many, many churches represented,” Harshman said.

The Knights of Columbus were also involved in the walk, and membership director Rick Mcnelis said the event brought together all in the community who celebrate Easter.

“To see the people marching along with us and the various communities and churches, it wasn’t just a one church deal,” Mcnelis said. “Everybody was invited, and I would hope that today’s crowd actually grows in the following years.”

Organizers said they hope to bring this event back to continue the tradition for years to come.