CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Third grade students at Port Matilda Elementary School stepped into history on Thursday, each embodying one of the United States Presidents.

The students spent the year researching and learning about the presidents from their teacher Sarah Stere.

The lessons culminated in Thursday’s Presidential Wax Museum.

Each student wrote a report on the president of their choice, and presented a speech as that president for their family and friends.

The students used the school hallways as a makeshift museum.

“It’s been amazing to see their growth, their excitement over it, their enthusiasm and just the growth that they’ve made through this whole entire process,” Stere said. “They’ll be voting some day, for president, so it’s important for them to know all the information.”

Stere said she believes this is the 15th year third graders at the school have participated in a “wax museum.”