Pornographic video possibly filmed in Penn State classroom


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Over the past few days, Reddit users have noticed something they think is very familiar about a location that is seen in a screenshot from a pornographic video uploaded to the internet… and they believe it’s a Penn State classroom.

Penn State’s Thomas building is the spot where many student’s feel a pornographic video was shot

“I think the word around campus is there’s no way it wasn’t filmed there,” said PSU Student Patrick Arnold.

The room in question is down a hallway on the second floor. Room 208.

On Friday WTAJ obtained video from room 208 to confirm that other parts of the room, match the setting of the x-rated upload. Including room layout, desks, and windows.

“A lot of the rooms look like that too, so I can’t say for sure, but there are a lot of similarities,” said PSU Student Loren Gizzi

The possibility of an academic building hosting an adult video drew different reactions from students.

“It was pretty shocking… it’s not every day that you hear that kind of thing happens right here in a classroom…. I go into that building almost every day. So it’s shocking, gross I guess. It’s a big school, there’s bound to be something crazy going on… I’m not like offended or anything.”

-Lori Gizzi, PSU Student

“I come here to get a degree. I assume that most people who come here do the same thing and they value that degree… and that kinda defames the value of the degree we’re receiving,” said PSU Student Lizzy Pearlman

WTAJ has reached out to Penn State to ask if it’s possible it was a Penn State classroom, if there’s an investigation, or if they can tell us anything on the matter. Penn State replied with the following:

If in fact the screen captures we have been provided are accurate, Penn State was obviously not aware of the use of its classroom in this manner, and the film was clearly made without any official permission. With safety in mind, we have shared these images with University Police, who will attempt to determine if there is any criminal activity related to this film – such as nonconsensual acts or the involvement of a minor.
It’s my understanding from media sources that the film has been removed from the online site.

Lisa M. Powers – Senior Director, News and Media Relations

It’s reported that PSU police are investigating the situation and criminal charges could be pressed on the culprits.

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