Police warn of fraudulent check scams


ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — State police are reminding Pennsylvania residents that con artists are continuing to conduct illegal scams in the area.

Police said that there are many variations, but most scams involve a person receiving a phone call or a check in the mail from a lottery, corporation or a foreign country.

Other scam variations include online selling or auction sites.

Most of these schemes entail the victim instructed to cash a check, keep a small portion of the money, and send the remaining amount to a provided address. Police said the crime within this scam is that the money or prize is non-existent and/or the check is fraudulent.

“If the victim sends the amount required by personal check to the address given, the con artist not only cashes the check and steals the money, but they also now have the victims’ bank account number,” police said.

On the local level, police have received complaints from residents related to checks from “Publisher’s Clearing House.” Police said that if you receive a prize announcement package and want to determine its legitimacy, contact the prize company by other means than the contact information provided in the enclosed letter.

If you believe you are a victim of one of these scams, save all information from the incident and contact police.

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