Police use social media to raise awareness for sexual assault

Spring Township, Centre County, Pa. - A local police department is using social media to raise awareness about sexual assault. 

This is just one day after a Centre County dentist was arrested for allegedly raping an unconscious patient. 

Spring Township Police Detective Dale Moore has been in law enforcement for 27 years. 

He says he felt compelled to type this post to educate followers about sexual assault and the dangers of victim blaming.

"It's hard enough for them to come forward but when you start telling them it's their fault all the time they prefer to just go hide and never come forward and that's what we don't want."

Moore says all too often victims blame themselves. Seeing others accuse them of being the problem on social media stops them from reporting the assault. 

"That the woman's lying it could be they're making things up, it's their fault because of the situation they put themselves in," said Moore are some examples. 

The post is written on the Spring Township Police Facebook page. It references the arrest of 47-year old dentist Wade Newman.

Moore says the victim in the case reported the crime immediately, something that made a big difference in the investigation.

According to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network. Out of 1 thousand sexual assaults only 344 are reported to police.

Moore hopes this post will make a difference.

"Hopefully after reading the post they realize we do get it we understand the situation and we want them to come to us."



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