Police Investigate Fraudulent Charges

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, CAMBRIA COUNTY – How often do you check your debit card account?  You may want to get in the habit of checking daily as many people in our region have become victims of fraudulent charges.

Dan Appelgate is just one of the many who’s been a victim of fraudulent debit charges in recent weeks. 
“They said they were going to shut off my debit card number because someone was using my card.  They breached into the system.”

Dan says they were small charges, but eventually they added up.

Not everyone has been as lucky as Dan.  Chief Burgan of the Richland Township Police Department tells us these charges have ranged from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

“It’s not any one financial institution that is targeted.  It’s not any one individual or age group or demographic.  It’s wide and varied right now.”

The chief says so far the fraudulent charges, which have been made out of the area, have mainly hit those in Richland Township, the city of Johnstown, and Geistown Borough.

“They’re finding the charges are coming from the east coast of the United States.  They are mainly from the New York City, Philadelphia, and Allentown area.”

It has people in the area nervous and asking how can we prevent this from happening?

Dan says he now checks his monthly statement to ensure it is something he bought.  Chief Burgan says if you are a victim you can work with your financial institution to fix the problem.

Police say they are working with credit unions and banks in the area, but they’re also asking for your help.  They suggest checking your account daily to make sure there aren’t any suspicious charges.

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