Police: Group of teens lure man to ambush robbery in Clearfield County


CLEARFIELD, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Clearfield County teenager is accused of using a female’s Snapchat to lure a man to an ambush robbery. 

Clayton Brown, 19, of Woodland, and four juveniles took part in the ruse and robbery on Industrial Park Road in Clearfield at just before 8 p.m. on Feb. 19, according to the charges filed by Lawrence Township police. 

Brown and one of the juveniles set up the victim for the ambush and when the target of the robbery arrived and was dropped off by two friends, Brown and the juveniles ran out of the darkness and assaulted him. 

One of the juveniles is accused of running up to the man and punching him before tackling him against a vehicle. The man tried to get away, but each time he tried, the group tackled him. One juvenile is accused of hitting the man with a metal rod while another is accused of holding a butterfly knife to the back of the man’s head.  

Police said the man had his pockets emptied by two of the juveniles before they all ran to a Jeep that was hidden. The man’s shoes were also taken and when police arrived, he was wet, dirty and visibly injured, according to the charges. 

Police were able to track down the female whose Snapchat was used to lure the man to the robbery and she said Brown used her phone and Snapchat account to lure the man to the spot. 

Brown used the ruse of the girl wanting the man to buy alcohol for her as the reason for the meeting and police said the reason Brown and the juveniles assaulted and robbed the man was they perceived he had ripped them off when he previously bought alcohol for them. 

The driver of the vehicle that dropped off the man told police she got scared when the attack started and tried to drive away, her vehicle was rammed by another car. Police said they have the identity of that man, but as of Thursday he was not charged with anything. He told police he initially ignored Brown’s messages earlier that day about “jumping some guy” but later he contacted Brown and they used his car as “the bait car” to get the man out of his vehicle, police noted. He claimed the other car hit his vehicle, contradicting what the driver who dropped off the victim had told cops. 

One of the juveniles involved in the plot told state police the names of the other juveniles and said the victim had cheated him out of money when he had him buy alcohol for him before, so when he told Brown about it, Brown suggested luring him out to get the money back, police reported. 

When questioned on Thursday at Clearfield Area High School, Brown allegedly described in detail the plot and what happened when the man arrived, which matched what police were already told by the victim and others.  

Brown was released on an unsecured $50,000 bond after his arraignment on charges of felony conspiracy and robbery and misdemeanor counts that include theft and simple assault. His preliminary hearing is March 3. 

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