People ruining sunflower crops in order to get the perfect selfie


The blooming season lasts only a couple of weeks — which is one reason people cant resist wading into the sea of yellow to take pictures.

Growers like Craig Gnos don’t mind people taking sunflower selfies, but he says trespassing and interrupting farming operations is a huge problem.
Tourists driving down narrow roads and blocking farm equipment is bad enough.
But, flowers are damaged or taken, and there’s the liability risk for growers.

Sunflower grower Craig Gnos says, “there’s a lot of equipment, there are lots of holes, drains, ditches and there’s plenty of places to trip, fall and get hurt and we just don’t need that extra exposure of injuries.”

Craig was in the process posting no trespassing signs when some people walked into his field to take pictures, ignoring him and the signs.
That’s when he called a sheriff’s deputy to his farm to give people a warning.
And he say’s he’s seen too many of these cases.

Dep. Culley Pratt of the Solano Co. Sheriffs Office says, “attempted to take a perfect selfie, twisted an ankle and in turn sued and cost this property owner money, and that’s just ridiculous.”

They’re saying that these sunflower seeking Instagrammers are ruining their crops.

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