Pennsylvania librarian gets books to kids


(CNN) — A Pennsylvania librarian is bringing books to kids this summer, even though her town doesn’t have a library.

She’s packed them in boxes and she’s hauling them around town using a bike.

“Well, I like to read scary stories and action novels,” said Mya Delvin: Student.

This summer, Antietam School District Librarian Sarah Westley is taking a journey of her own, to get books to children.

“Since we don’t have a library in mt. Penn, I thought why don’t we make a mobile library,” said Sarah Westley: Bicycle librarian.

This is her inaugural ride.

Every Tuesday this summer, she’ll make her rounds, handing out free books and taking book donations.

Imagination and fundraising got the wheels rolling.

“In case you don’t have Netflix, you don’t get commercials when you read a book,” said Delvin.

And kids like nine-year-old Mya Delvin, who already picked four books, will keep the momentum going.

“See, if you don’t read during the summer, your brain just.,” said Delvin.

“The bike library is about more than just fun. It’s about cultivating children’s reading abilities, even in the summer months,” said Katiera Winfrey: Mount Penn, Pa.

“For students who are learning to read, or just grasping those beginning steps. To go on summer break and to not look at a book or not practice reading, they can lose a year worth of progress,” said Westley.

The goal is to expand over the next few weeks and be even bigger by next summer.

“See me on the bike and flag me down. That’s all it takes,” said Westley.

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