CENTRE COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) placed a radar-controlled speed display board in Snow Shoe Borough, Centre County.

The speed display board was placed on Wednesday, July 20 on Route 144. It will remind drivers to obey the posted speed limit and aid in curbing speeding, a common type of aggressive driving behavior.

The board faces southbound traffic between Preslovich Road and the intersection with Route 4002 (Moshannon Avenue). The board utilizes radar to determine the speeds of oncoming traffic and posts them to the lighted section of the sign.

The speed limit on this section of Route 144 is 35 miles per hour. The board will remain in this location for approximately four weeks.

Speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors are among the leading causes of Pennsylvania crashes and fatalities. Other aggressive driving behaviors include running stop signs or red lights, passing illegally and tailgating.

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PennDOT listed aggressive driving behaviors as a factor in 53 percent of crashes in Centre County in 2021.