UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Blue and White Game returned to Beaver Stadium on Saturday open to the public.

Fans gathered throughout Happy Valley for a preview of what may be in store for the 2022 football season.

“Today’s been great,” said Lucas Prowell, a fan attending the game. “We’re celebrating the Blue and White Game, and I’m here to see all of my friends play. It’s a great time.”

Prowell is a lifelong Penn State fan. Even though he was never a student, he drives almost three hours to attend games regularly, including Blue and White on Saturday.

“I’m most excited about being in the stadium,” Prowell said. “I’m excited to see the hitting drills, all the football going on. It’s a lot of everything today and I’m really excited to see Penn State Football back at it again.”

He and other fans spent the day tailgating outside of Beaver Stadium. Celebrations included food, rides, music and carnival games.

“It feels like a normal game to me,” said Logan Gibson, a Penn State freshman. “I mean, there’s a lot less people but we’re gonna have a great time.”

For some students, this is their first Blue and White Game since their first year at Penn State.

“The energy has been great today,” Penn State senior, Ava Silverman, said. “It’s the first blue and white since, I think, 2019. So it’s really exciting to be back here at Beaver Stadium.”

Silverman said this game is bittersweet.

“The last time we were at a Blue and White, we were like the underclassmen. Sort of on the lower edge of it,” Silverman said. “And now, it’s just really weird to be here. I’m a senior now, so I’m like the oldest, sort of group here of the students.”