Penn State Book Helps Amish Farmers Meet Health Codes

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Much of the produce in Pennsylvania comes from Amish farms, where growers are less likely to use computers or other electronic equipment to learn the latest safety regulations and techniques.

In 2011 President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law.
It works to make sure food growers are using proper hygiene, to keep their crops safe for the consumer.

Penn State Professor of Food Sciences Luke LaBorde, says it’s difficult to share this information with Amish farmers the same way it’s presented to others.

“There are some that would not want you to put on a workshop with a computer-based powerpoint projection kind of thing, so they’d rather have it in written form,” LaBorde, said.

That’s when Penn State Extension made this three ring binder with a written text of the safety rules and pictures demonstrating them.

Professors and students also travel to the Amish farmers.

“A lot of Amish don’t drive their own vehicles, they may their buggies, which would make it difficult to travel long distances and come up tto University Park for training,” LaBorde, said.

So how does this impact the average consumer? Well, laborde, says better educated and cleaner farming practices will benefit you, once food goes from farm to table.

“It provides support for the way they want to live and supports their businesses,” LaBorde, said.

Laborde says they’ve printed out the education materials for other states where there’s a large Amish farmer population, like Ohio and New York.

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