PA vaccine numbers among the highest in the country, but central PA pales in comparison


BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — There seems to be a lot of skepticism and uncertainty surrounding the safety of the vaccine especially when it comes to potential long-term effects.

And despite clear guidance from the Center for Disease control saying the vaccine is safe.
There are skeptics.

“We haven’t even gotten a straight story of where it came from so how am I supposed to get a straight story of what to put in my body to protect myself from it.” Kyli Auker said.

With high praise coming to the Commonwealth about vaccination numbers, Central PA is getting a bad rep and a bad grade with fewer people getting in line for the vaccine.

“Seven months isn’t long enough for me to put anything in my body it takes normally years to make a vaccine correctly.” Emily Snyder said.

Kyli and Emily live in Altoona and tell me not only will they not get the shot, but their families won’t either.

“I literally took care of people with Covid and never got it so I don’t see a need for me to get it,” Emily Snyder said.

Taking a look across PA it’s plain to see numbers for partiality and fully vaccinated people in the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas are high with nearly or more than half of their populations choosing the vaccine.

But taking a closer look at central PA, you can see the numbers aren’t as great.
And specifically in Blair County, the number of people partially vaccinated stands at 7,540 and fully vaccinated people are only at 41,118.
To put that into perspective, there are 121,829 people who live in Blair County.

If you do the math that means less than 34-percent of Blair residents have gotten their shots.

I spoke with PA Health Secretary Alison Beam and she tells me people in central pa who are hesitant to get the shot need to listen to their doctors and the science behind the vaccine.

“Consult their doctors and pediatricians because we know that our medical community those that really are entrenched in evidence of around the safety and the efficacy of these vaccines they are getting vaccinated.” Alison Beam said.

And remember, if you ask Kyli and Emily those numbers don’t surprise them, in fact they directly speak with what they are saying.

“But I just find it funny that we came up with a vaccine for something that was new and we have and we have all these diseases from before that don’t.” Kyli Auker said.

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