FOREST COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– Officials are warning campers of an increased sighting of black bears across Allegheny National Forest.

Campsites along Forest Road 259 and Forest Road 160 have reported an increase in bear activity with bears entering campsites, taking food, and damaging property.

Officials say that bears are trying to find food. Usually bears will try to avoid humans but if they start to associate them with food then they will enter campsites.

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The following tips were given to campers that plan to camp at the national forest site:

  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Keep a clean camp site.
  • Do not store food or any scented items in a tent.
  • Do not leave food unattended at a campsite.
  • Use bear-resistant food storage containers or hang food in a bear bag.
  • Do not store garbage at your camp site. Use a designated dumpster.
  • At an undeveloped camping location, cook and store food away from your sleeping area.

If bears have an interaction with humans, officials say that those can become dangerous very quickly not for just the human but also the bears. If the bears pose a threat to campers, then the bears will be trapped and relocated or even possibly euthanized.

For more information regarding bear safety can be found online.