SAXTON, BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — It was a seemingly normal October day at school for one Bedford County 6th grader when all of a sudden things took a turn for the worse in the lunchroom.

“I was eating my chicken patty,” Ryan Putt, a student in the Tussey Mountain School District explained. “I was eating it way too fast and I didn’t chew it very much. A piece of it got stuck in my throat.”

Putt ran over to the school resource officer, David Buseck, for help.

“Came right up to me,” Officer Buseck, the SRO at Tussey Mountain & patrolman for Saxton Borough Police Department, told us. “I actually thought he was sick at first and tried to get him over to a garbage can.”

“I was gagging a lot and he asked me if I was choking and performed Heimlich on me,” Putt continued.

Officer Buseck was in the right place at the right time.

With some quick thinking he was able to step in and save Putt from choking.

“It just means the world to me,” Buseck said. “Just knowing that you could be there for someone in a time of need.”

It’s a story that neither of them will ever forget.

“Well I wouldn’t be here without him,” Putt expressed. “I mean if Mr. Buseck wasn’t there what would have happened to me? My life would have ended there. That’s just something to hold onto for the rest of my life.”

Officer Buseck says knowing CPR and the Heimlich is a very valuable skill that everyone should learn.