Non-gender specific bathrooms in Nevada schools


WASHOE CO., Nev. (KTVN) — A school district in Nevada decided to re-think bathroom design with newly constructed schools.

It should eliminate questions of which restroom students should use based on gender identity, but that’s not the only advantage.

“When you go into traditional restrooms, oftentimes that’s an area where students really don’t feel safe,” said Adam Searcy/Washoe Co. School district

That’s why the school district implemented this new design for new elementary and middle schools at the district.

Each stall is its own room for both boys and girls to share with a wall from floor to ceiling.

“You’re in complete privacy,” Searcy said.

Both genders also share this handwashing station and the area can be closely monitored.

The district says it will also be safer.

“There’s no getting cell phone cameras into these stalls. That has been a problem,” said Searcy.

Most people we talked with liked the new design.

“I think it’s perfectly safe. It’s normal activity. People can hear what’s going on. And it kind of represents what happens at home,” said Vincent Reno/resident

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