CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Following the closure of multiple greyhound race tracks, many former racing dogs are finding a home in a Centre County kennel.

At Nittany Greyhounds, dogs that sustained injuries are being rehabilitated and cared for. This initiative was created to ensure that more retired racing greyhounds get adopted into homes.

Emily Yanchuck met her dog, Bixby, last fall, where he was being treated at the kennel for injuries to his leg.

“He was in a full cast for a couple of months which really did limit his mobility,” Yanchuck said. “He just kind of had to hop on that back leg.”

Bixby is just one of many former racing dogs that have received an injury from the sport.

After the closure of multiple racetracks around the country, the supply of healthy greyhounds up for adoption declined.

The Injured Dogs Program is trying to remedy that.

“We’ve always taken dogs in the past that were a little harder to place,” Vice President Toni Duchi said. “But now we’ve made a commitment to take the injured dogs into our program.”

Duchi said the majority of the kennel’s fundraising is now going to this initiative due to medical costs for specialized treatment.

The kennel is partnering with local veterinarians like Dr. Sara Haus from Centre Animal Hospital to provide care.

“Many of them came through with splints already on from their racing injuries but I would help. Every couple of weeks we’d have to do a lot of bandage changes,” Haus said. “Greyhounds have really thin skin, so we would have to be careful not to get sores and things like that under their bandages.”

The greyhounds wear muzzles when in contact with each other to protect their thin skin.

Duchi said she hopes more people will consider adopting rehabilitated greyhounds through the new initiative.

“They get along so well with everyone. Very rarely do we have any issues with the dogs. So, it’s very gratifying,” Duchi said. “I don’t think there’s anything that gives me more pleasure than to see an injured dog end up on a nice soft couch.”

More information about adoptions can be found on Nittany Greyhounds’ website.