New Business College testing the waters

An education company has come to Johnstown to help fill the void after the Cambria Rowe Business College closed in August.
Wednesday the Columbia Southern Education Group met with Johnstown leaders to talk about providing classes for an estimated 3,500 former Cambria Rowe students. Columbia Southern offers the online programs of Waldorf University and Columbia Southern University. They met with city officials to see how they could help the area.
Dr. Lillie Cannon, V.P. Business Development says, “We saw the need.  We understood how closing the school affected the community as a whole so we brought our leadership, our senior leaders to sit down with the city to talk about that relationship and talk about what we could do and move an initiative forward.”
Both universities offer degree programs from Associates to PhD and are willing to build on what they have.
As Waldorf University Academic Affairs Chair Vincent Beach explains, “These programs have all come into being as a result of us studying what people need. We’re open to learning from this community and devising programs that suit your needs more specifically.”
They are recruiting this weekend, at a converted storefront at 401 Main Street in Johnstown.

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