New App Saving Lives

HUNTINGDON – There’s a new app made for local first responders. The person behind it saw a need and tackled the problem with technology.
Bill Corbin speaks a lot of languages — computer languages, that is.
And he’s using those skills to help out Huntington County’s first responders.
Joe Thompson, 911 Dispatcher, Huntingdon County 911, said, “We’ve been able to cut usually 8 to 10 to as many as 12 minutes off of a call because we know exactly who’s available closest.”
His program basically says what ambulances are available. Before, they could waste time paging services that weren’t ready.
Bill Corbin who made the 911 Program, said, “Not all places in the county are you going to hear the radio — not all places can you get cell service.”
Thompson said, “Us being able to send the closest available help faster can make a real difference and safe a life.”
They can visit the app on a phone or tablet and say whether they’re available.
And it instantly shows up on screens above dispatchers so they know who’s ready to respond.
“We’ve cut the failures in half — failures meaning the times people have been dispatched and are not able to respond,” Thompson said.
That technology is saving minutes — and helping 911 dispatchers like Corbin’s brother. Corbin had to learn the language of first responders from his little brother.
Corbin said, “It’s nice to be able to show or learn or teach I should say your older brother some things. “
Now his brother is using this program to help everyone communicate more efficiently — for the safety of folks in the county.
Corbin recently won $5,000 for his company through the Ben Franklin Techcelerator program. He says he wants to use that money to give iPads and iPods to more departments so they can use this technology.

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