Neighbors help police after cars are damaged in Altoona

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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Neighbors banned together to help police after a man crashed into some parked cars on Tuesday evening around 7 p.m.

Neighbors tell us a speeding car drove down the 2500 block of 3rd avenue in Altoona, hitting a few other cars and then crashing head-on into a parked truck. Neighbor, Gary Grant says he was at home while the accident was unfolding. He heard a loud bang and screaming followed. Grant came outside to see what was going on and to help.

Grant says “I got up, came out to my front porch and looked out, saw that there was some people out here and that vehicles were hit, came out, ran across here, then I noticed that my vehicle on this side was hit too…I guess he was agitated, he was trying to leave and everything and we weren’t going to let him leave the scene of the accident.”

He says he and a few other neighbors made sure the driver didn’t leave until the police came. Grant describes the driver as a white male in his 30’s and says he seemed to be under the influence.

We’re told the owner of the truck that was hit came outside, armed but didn’t use the weapon. Officials tell us no one was injured. Altoona police say they’ll have more on this as the investigation continues.

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