Woman finds sister through DNA kit

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One of them lives in Texas, and the other lives in Oklahoma. Two woman had no clue they were sisters until a few months ago, thanks to a DNA kit.

Paula Parkhurst has owned and operated her own pumpkin patch for over a decade. She says that she always felt that something was missing from her life. 

Over the years Paula has never been able to find any trace of any blood family until recently when she took a DNA test through ancestry.com. When the results came through, Paula discovered that she may have a match for someone that could be her cousin. She took to the internet to find the woman and explain her DNA test results. Paula contacted the woman who lives in Texas saying she may be related to her and asked if she’d be interested in chatting. 

Within a few hours, the woman, Jaque Reist responded saying, “I’m not your cousin, I’m your sister.” 

The two had the opportunity to meet up with eachother face to face this summer. 

Jaque says she knew the minute she saw Paula that they were blood related.

The two are now working together on Paula’s pumpkin patch and coming up with new ideas for the gift shop. 

Jaque makes the trip from Texas to Oklahoma to be with her long lost sister and share family recipes.

The sisters say having the chance to work and do something together has been exciting. 

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