What’s that smell? Ten reasons why your breath stinks

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If you’re one of millions who suffer from chronic bad breath, here are some of the common things you’re doing to make it worse, in today’s health minute.
Do you constantly worry that you’re walking around with a bad case of morning breath? Are you always trying the sniff test on yourself?
The good news is you’re not alone. according to the academy of general dentistry, up to 80 million people suffer from halitosis, or chronic bad breath.
Here are the top 10 reasons why your breath probably stinks:
1. You aren’t brushing and flossing regularly
2. You’re eating or drinking something smelly
3. Too much sugar
– Bacteria in your mouth thrives on the sweet stuff
4. You’re going keto
-low carb, high protein diets force your body into a process called ketosis. one way those ketones then exit your body is through your mouth
5. you breathe through your mouth
-doing this dries out your mouth, causing even worse bad breath
6. You use medications that dry out your mouth
7.Your nose is stuffed, or you have allergies
-these things can lead to dry mouth
8. Smoking or chewing tobacco
9. Drinking alcohol…again, drying out your mouth
10. You have an underlying medical condition, sometimes bad breath can signal something more serious. If you worry that might be you, make sure to check with your doctor.


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