University at Buffalo student makes creative song mixing science, rap music to spread tips on coronavirus safety

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WTAJ) — She goes by Raven the Science Maven.

The Buffalo native doing what she does best: mixing science and rap music to spread a message.

“This is a unique situation for a lot of people being asked to stay inside your homes for an extended period of time your mind kind of just goes all over the place my mind just went to a very creative space,” said University of Buffalo student Raven Baxter.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic the University at Buffalo student who’s currently pursuing a PhD in science education took a popular rap song called “Wipe Me Down.”

“The title is perfect for the practices that we need to take on for the pandemic,” Raven added.

And put her own spin on it giving people tips on how to make it through the coronavirus outbreak.

It took Raven two hours to write the rap and a day to make the video. After she posted it on social media it went viral.

“Everything I do I just try to do it for the good of to better humanity so I never really have many expectations when I put something out I just hope that it reaches just one person and in this case its reached hundreds of thousands of people,” Raven continued.

The video has reached people of all backgrounds from scientists to students. Raven’s work is not only an outlet for information but inspiration. She strives for diversity in the science field.

“I feel like its given me a chance to connect with a lot of people who were looking for this type of representation. I had a mother who said that her 4-year-old daughter cant stop singing it its stuck in her head and then she keeps telling her daughter keeps telling her that she wants to be a scientist so that means a lot to me.”

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