LONDON, (CBS Newspath) – Tourists in Spain have the opportunity to hike with a pack of domesticated wolves.

This is no ordinary dog walk and it’s not quite dancing with wolves, but tourists in Spain are being given the opportunity to be the leader of the pack.

“The wolves are domesticated, but their behavior is wild,” Miguel Ángel González Carrillo, owner of wolves and activity leader said. The wolves that Carillo raised are Iberian Wolves.

Carillo has raised three litters of wolves after his daughter joked that they’d be better than a dog. Carillo also takes the wolves into the city, where they work with children with Autism.

“People are drawn to them. They spend time petting and taking pictures,” Carillo said.

Back in their natural habitat, the wolves pick up the pace.

“When you share the environment with them you can see their instincts. They behave differently,” one tourist said.

When tourists go on walks with the wolves, each is given a leash and together they meander through the forest. The wolves take tourists on a walk through the woods and they link people to what’s most important.

“It was extraordinary. I recommend it to help disconnect from the world and enjoy nature,” Rocío Berenguel, a wolf walk participant said.

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The Iberian wolf is a protected species in Spain with roughly 2000 remaining.