Tips for saving money on your grocery bill

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Do you dread going to the grocery store because you know you’ll spend more than you’d like? We have tips on how you can reduce that grocery bill. Looking to get your budget in order for the New Year?
one area you may be able to save is on your grocery bill – money magazine reports one simple trick can shave as much as $250 from what you spend at the supermarket. The key – focus on what you pay for meat. Money cites the food blog “The $5 Dinner Mom” with the cost saving tip. The blog’s founder discovered that by only buying meat that was on sale, she was able to save hundreds of dollars on her monthly grocery bill. She recommends only buying meat that sells for $3 a pound or less. Keep in mind that’s easier in some area of the country than others. But cheaper cuts of meat such as beef chuck roasts can be bought at pretty good prices. And those cuts tend to work well for meals made in slow cookers or instant pots. Another key to keeping meat costs low-watch and wait for sales. Poultry tends to go on sale every eight to ten weeks.Good ground beef goes on sale more often. A good way to stay on top of sales is with the app “Flipp” which lists deals and coupons form 800 retailers, including supermarkets.For more on how to save on your grocery bill, check out the article in Money Magazine – and the blog – “The $5 Dinner Mom.”

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