Teen gets vaccinated against parents’ wishes

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Disproven theories about the safety of childhood vaccines are pitting an Ohio mother against her son.
High school senior, Ethan Lindenberger says his parents’ misguided beliefs have put his health at risk. He recently defied his mother and got vaccinated. In November, Lindenberger asked strangers on Reddit where he could go to get up to date with his shots writing, “My parents are kind of stupid,” and saying, “…God knows how I’m still alive.”

Lindenburger said the intention of that wasn’t to blame his parents for anything, or make them look dumb. the post came from a place of frustration and trying to deal with this issue. Lindenberger is 18 and in Ohio, he’s old enough to get shots without his parents’ permission. Last year he got vaccinated for Influenza, Hepatitis, Tetanus and HPV. There is no federal law mandating children be immunized. Only 7 states and Washington D.C. allow minors to get vaccinations without parental consent.

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