Taco Bell themed Hotel opening this Summer!

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Soon you can stay at the spiciest hotel in California! Taco Bell is opening a pop-up hotel in Palm Springs this summer. The fast-food chain will make everything Taco Bell-themed…that includes the rooms, the pool, the bar and the salon.

Dreams of eating a chalupa supreme while sunbathing on a fire sauce floatie…Will soon be a reality… at the first taco bell hotel. Well believe it because it’s meant for Taco Bell enthusiasts.

“Oh man I love the food. Personally for me, I like the beefy Frito burritos and then you add the jalapeños to it.” says Taco Bell fan, Manuel Martinez. “For health reasons, we cut back on it but we still indulge.” 

And if you want to really indulge… the taco-oasis experience is for you.

From check-in to check-out.. there will Taco “Bell” hops, poolside taco bell inspired cocktails, and of course… Taco Bell room service with exclusive menu items.

Taco bell corporate could not confirm, but multiple local sources, including a board member of the Palm Springs Hospitality Association says it will be here at the V hotel in Palm Springs.

“We’re thrilled. I mean they chose Palm Springs. The greater Palm Springs to be the location for their first pop up hotel. ‘The Bell.’ And we’re hoping people can find their taco-oasis in greater Palm Springs.” says Joyce Kiehl of the Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau

In the middle of August… this pop up hotel is sure to be hotter than fire sauce.

If you’re hungry to book a room – the hotel will open August 9th for 5 days. Reservations open in June. More information at tacobell.com.

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