Researchers discover possible alien probe?

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Two Harvard scholars are researching an interstellar object in the Solar System that could have been sent by aliens.

The mysterious object, being called Oumuamua, is an object that does not share the qualities of space debris, comets or asteroids. Oumuamua has been described as a thin object accelerating and rotating in a tumbling motion.

Recent observational and theoretical studies have found that Oumuamua is not an active comet.

Using mathematical formulas on acceleration by radiation pressure, rotation, and the energy transfer of how Oumuamua interacted with other objects like dust-grains.

The two scholars concluded that Oumuamua could be a lightsail probe, floating from advanced technological equipment.

The other possibility is that Oumuamua is a fully-functional probe sent intentionally to Earth by an alien civilization. This discrepancy can be solved, depending on if Oumuamua follows a random path or follows a more targeted path of a probe.

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