President Trump signed new opioid bill

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The President signed bipartisan legislation today aimed to fight the opioid crisis.

Lawmakers say the new laws will help turn the tide in the epidemic that kills tens of thousands of people each year.

In a rare show of unity from both parties, President Trump signed sweeping legislation designed to curb the opioid crisis.

“Together we are going to end the scourge of drug addiction in America,” said President Trump.

The package contains dozens of bills focused on addiction treatment, prevention and stopping the flow of drugs into the U.S.

“It’s a victory for Ohio,” said Republican Senator Rob Portman.

Senator Portman worked on several provisions, including the STOP Act. It requires the U.S. postal service to screen packages coming from overseas for Fentanyl and provide more data to law enforcement.

“How many people have to die before the post office gets its act together and does what all the private carriers do?” said Portman.

While critics have raised concerns about the financial cost to the postal service, Portman argues the USPS could charge people shipping the packages more money, like private carriers do. He says Congress is also ready to help.

“We’re prepared to provide the resources,” said Portman. “People are dying every day.”

Portman also partnered with Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown to give more resources to addicted mothers and babies and lift a cap that  allowed certain treatment facilities to only have 16 beds.

Senator Ron Johnson said the legislation will provide grant money for state and local officials to start treatment programs.

“This is widespread. This is in every community,” said Johnson. “Almost every American knows somebody, or knows somebody who has a direct family member affected.”

While advocacy groups say this is a good step, they say there is still more to do, and more money is needed to end this crisis.

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