Massive asteroid lights up sky in Florida

National News

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A flash of light seen by many in South Florida and the Bahamas Monday night was likely a chunk of an asteroid known as 2021 GW4.

According to CBS12 News meteorologist Zach Covey, the asteroid was scheduled to make an “extremely close approach” of just 16,000 miles.

The asteroid is roughly the size of a car, about 14 feet.

“To put this in perspective, most close-approach asteroids are between 1 and 3 million miles from earth. Earth’s atmosphere runs roughly 6,200 miles up,” Covey said. “It’s possible that this asteroid survived a brush by and didn’t break up upon close entry.”

The quick moment was captured by security cameras and eyewitnesses across the state as the asteroid hurtled into the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed, exploded in a burst of light and burned up.

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