‘Jabroni,’ the word made famous by The Rock, gets officially added to dictionary.com

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(WTAJ) — Former Miami U football player, pro wrestler, actor, and current co-owner of the XFL, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holds a lot of titles, and now he’s also a linguist.

In the ’90s “Attitude Era” The Rock transcended the wrestling world along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the nWo. His catchphrases were poignant and fans, especially teenagers, would quote him through the halls of school every day.

Dictionary.com took to Twitter to officially report that one of his most known insults, “Jabroni” was entered with 650 other new entries.

Besides jabroni, the site also added “amirite,” “ish” and “janky.”

Jabroni reportedly stemmed from the common inner wrestling term “Jobber” which was a term for a wrestler who would lose and help make the winner look good. In the ’90s Barry Horowitz built his whole WWE career around being the “jobber” as well as the Brooklyn Brawler. But as all stories in pro wrestling go, there’s always a handful of different versions and “truths.”

The Rock, however, gives all the credit to the Iron Sheik.

“His impact on my career has really been profound,” Johnson said in a documentary about the Iron Sheik. “Now the word jabroni is connected to me. When a lot of people think, ‘oh, jabroni, oh, yeah, yeah, it’s The Rock’s word.’ No. It’s not my word. It’s the Iron Sheik’s word.”

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