(WTAJ) — This week there will be quite a show in the pre-dawn sky as five visible planets will appear in a line across the southeastern horizon.

Venus will be the brightest object with Jupiter being the second brightest. The reddish Mars will be between these two bright planets. Saturn will be higher and to the right of Jupiter.

Mercury will be the hardest to find as it lies closest to the sun and is extremely low on the horizon down and to the left of Venus.

The best view of this elusive planet will start on Wednesday morning.

These planets do line up in a manner like this every decade or two. What will help this show is the fading moon that will be passing by just below this line as we head through the rest of the week.

While the five planets will be visible throughout the second half of June, the best mornings to look up will be the three days following the summer solstice, which occurs at 5:13 a.m. on Tuesday, June 21. 

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