NEW YORK (CBS Newspath) — We’ve all heard the phrase “no pain, no gain,” but some types of pain are not normal to experience during a workout. A new survey finds many Americans keep exercising through injuries, making things worse.

A survey from Orlando Health found that nearly one in five Americans have pain while working out and work through it rather than resting to heal. Sports Medician Physician Dr. George Eldayrie said it’s not always “no pain, no gain.”

“A sharp stabbing discomfort or clicking, snapping pain, things not allowing you to get your range of motion to complete the exercise… That’s not something that you want to continue to work through,” Eldayrie said. “They could be little minor strains and they may get better. But if they don’t get better and you continue to work through it, it could get worse or could last much longer.”

Eldayrie said getting better doesn’t always mean surgery.

“There’s other soft tissue problems and joint mechanic problems that we see on a day-to-day basis that can be fixed non-surgically,” he said. “Some of that is as simple as exercises to do at home, getting in with the right physical therapist. There are certain injections we can use.”

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Injections reduce inflammation and promote healing, such as corticosteroids and platelet-rich plasma.