(WTAJ)–Apple’s popular AirTags can be placed on everything from luggage to keys and then tracked if those items get lost. But law enforcement agencies are warning that some people are using the tiny devices to spy on unsuspecting victims.

“I think it’s an easy tool to track people and do it relatively anonymously, and that’s concerning,” says Elizabeth from Chicago. She says someone put one on her car while she was out shopping. During the drive home, her iPhone warned that an AirTag was detected and had tracked her for five miles. “I could see on the map, the “find my” app, that the AirTag had actually dropped off in the street not far from my house. And I just felt really creeped out,” she says.

Elizabeth is far from alone. Another woman found an AirTag in her purse after receiving a series of notifications from Apple that someone was tracking her movements.

In a promotional video, Apple says, “AirTag is designed to track items, not people.” Apple says it discourages this type of tracking, which is why you’ll get a notification if an unknown AirTag is seen moving with you over time.

But Elizabeth says more should be done to educate the public. “In my case, I didn’t realize, hey, you should probably drive straight to a police station and have them check your car for it before going home, so that someone can’t track you.” When asked if she thought that is what she should of done, Elizabeth said, “Yeah, looking back I absolutely would have.”

If an AirTag is tracking you, Apple gives on screen instructions on how to find it and disengage it. Android device owners can download the Tracker Detect app.

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