CNN is suing President Trump

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CNN is suing President Trump and top White House aides for suspending CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass.

Today’s lawsuit says denying Acosta’s access to the White House violates his and CNN’s first and fifth amendment rights.

The White House revoked Acosta’s pass last week after the reporter angered President Trump by asking him multiple questions at a news conference and refused to give up his microphone to an intern.

The White House accused Acosta of placing his hands on an intern who was trying to take away his microphone.

But CNN’s lawyer says the real goal of the Trump Administration is to silence critical journalists.

“The First Amendment is meant for the press to be able to act on behalf of the American people and and the public in getting information,” said Ted Boutrous, Counsel for CNN in the lawsuit. “And here when the White House revoked Mr. Acosta’s press pass, it’s clear it was based on the content of his reporting the fact that he was asking tough questions and has been doing that.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the White House took Acosta’s credentials because “if there is no check on this type of behavior, it impedes the ability of the President, the White House staff, and members of the media to conduct business.”

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