Boat rescues teens after fun trip turns dangerous

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NEW YORK, NY (CBS) — A pair of teenage friends are counting their blessings…after a day at the beach became a fight for survival. Tom Hansen has the story.

Heather Brown and Tyler Smith are high school friends…who celebrated Senior Skip Day with a trip to a Florida beach. But their adventure didn’t go as planned when strong currents pulled them out to sea.

“I asked him, I said Tyler, omg, we’re stuck, what’s the plan?” said student Heather Brown.

The 17-year-olds were stranded in the water for nearly two hours off the coast of Saint Augustine. Scared for their lives, they began to pray.

“I cried out…if you really do have a plan for us, like, come on, just bring something,” said Tyler Smith.

And something came. Not only did a boat arrive, but its name seemed like a God-send.

“The name of the boat is The amen, I started crying,” said Heather.

The Amen was on its way to New Jersey…when the captain spotted the teenagers two miles offshore and pulled them out of the water. On board, Tyler and Heather huddled together for warmth and the crew contacted the coast guard for help.

At the hospital, Tyler was overcome with emotion after his narrow escape.

“There’s no other reason…no other explanation in the world other than God,” he said.

The two are set to graduate later this month. The two have been friends since fourth grade, and now have a new memory to treasure.

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