A high school’s cockroaches get their own Instagram account

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An anonymous Instagram account is shining a light on cockroaches at a Maryland high school. But the school district insists there is no infestation.

There are no photos of food, islands or sunsets on this instagram account entitled “Cockroaches of DHS.” the account — which has more than 60 posts and 340 followers.

One parent, Elise Williams showed us the account and read some of the posts outloud saying – “This is Rob, found near Mr. Shiffler’s room. RIP, Sweetie. Thank you for your submission. Keep those cockroaches coming.”

“Yeah it’s kind of nasty how there’s so many pictures.” said one student.

The account was created to document the sheer number of roaches found within Damascus High School.

“It just said this little guy was found in Ms. Turner’s room,” one student said.

“You see it like all the time,” says Junior, Casey Boman. she even submitted a picture to the anonymous account saying, “there was one I saw the other day that was apparently being eaten by ants. Yikes!”

“Cause they’re naming them. Like, this one’s Harold, umm this one’s Dante. Why are you naming them? This one’s Phil.”
Tara Portlance who’s a registered nurse struggled with the humor of such an unhealthy infestation. She read many posts including this one – “Found this guy on the math floor, unfortunately he has passed away. His name is Gio, short for Geometry.”

“Keep alookout for Georgina near the English hallway stairwell because she is alive and well. Still thriving, but will one day lose the battle.” Parent Elise Williams, however, could not stop giggling. “I think it’s hilarious and if it brings attentions to a problem that needs to be solved, well that’s great too,” says Williams.

The school district says there is nothing unusual about the cockroach sightings at the high school. In one statement the high school said, “there is no significant issue with cockroaches at Damascus High School. As with all older buildings, pests do appear from time to time, but they are quickly addressed.”

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