$120 Million in grants to help the homeless

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WASHINGTON D.C. (NEXSTAR) — More help is on the way for community organizations that serve homeless families and individuals.

Jessi Turnure says the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is offering nearly $120 million in grants to support programs across the nation.

“It’s become a crisis in our country,” said Dr. Ben Carson: HUD Secretary.

More than half a million Americans are homeless. HUD Secretary Ben Carson says that’s unacceptable.

“There’s really no reason that a country as advanced as ours should have homelessness,” said Carson.

The department just announced more than $118 million in grants to support hundreds of local homeless assistance programs across the country.

The grants will fund emergency shelter, transitional, and permanent housing along with resources like job training, mental health, and substance abuse counseling.

“Getting people off the street, keeping them off the street, and optimally returning them to productivity,” said Carson.

“Florida does enforce more of the laws, so they don’t necessarily encourage or allow people to sleep in a lot of public places, and that tends to move people more toward the programs that are able to help them,” said Carson.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, both states have some of the most severe housing shortages in the country, contributing to the homeless crisis.

“Makes it that much more difficult for people to be able to have a decent place to live,” said Carson.

Carson says the grant funding alone can’t fix the problem.

“Many people are being priced out of homes,” said Carson.

So HUD is also working with states to loosen restrictive housing regulations.

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