Movie theater to hold autism-friendly showing of Frozen II


DUBOIS, Pa. (WTAJ)– Golden Cinemas in DuBois will have a sensory showing of Frozen II on December 1 for kids with autism and special needs.

During the movie, lights will be turned up, the volume will be turned down, and kids will be free to sing, talk and move around.

“We’re excited to let the parents with special needs kids come out and see a movie and not have to worry that they’re going to disturb anybody, because really, they’re not,” theater general manager Mike Kennelly said.

Jenny Elkin’s son Dominic was diagnosed with autism in April.

She said a movie theater can be a challenging environment because Dominic likes to move around and is very vocal.

“As a parent of a child with autism, that’s all you ever want is for them to be able to have the same opportunities as any other child would,” Elkin said.

Elkin said she was glad to see what the theater is doing because she was considering suggesting it herself.

Angela Stewart said she’ll be taking her son 9-year-old Draven to the movies for the first time on December 1.

“Living in a rural area, we don’t have a lot of opportunities for special needs kiddos to go out into the public and do things that other neurotypical kids get to do,” Stewart said.

She said she’s excited to have a place where Draven can be himself.

“Just being with the other kids and just expecting some of the behaviors that come with autism, and not being afraid that we’re going to be stared at or ridiculed or whispered about.”

The movie will show at 3 p.m. on Sunday, December 1 at Golden Cinemas in DuBois.

Tickets are $5 for both adults and kids and can be purchased online in advance or at the door the day of the movie.

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