Mother sheep at Centre County farm gives birth to rare quintuplet lambs


CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Windswept Farm in State College received quite a surprise this spring when one of their sheep successfully gave birth to five little lambs.

“It’s not uncommon for some other varieties of sheep to have triplets and what not, but for this particular breed to have quintuplets is probably a one in a million occurrence,” said Luke Franchock, livestock manager at Windswept Farm.

The farmers noticed some of the mothers were looking a bit larger than the rest.

“We were expecting big babies but it was definitely a surprise when five popped out,” said Franchock.

“It was just unbelievable to see those five with one mother, just the five of them trailing behind her is a sight you don’t often see,” said Christina Ferry, produce manager at Windswept Farm.

It’s a dangerous, one in a lifetime feat, for the mother and her lambs.

“With five usually that’s very concerning, you’d have a risk for losing one or the mother not being able to feed all of them because it’s such a demand on her,” said Ferry. “But she has done fantastically, all five of them are looking incredibly happy and healthy.” 

“There’s always going to be one that’s a little runtier than the rest, and we’re always worried about that little guy, but the runt of this group seems to be doing just fine,” said Franchock.

It’s not just the quintuplets who are unique in this group. This breed of sheep shed their wool on their own.

“They are kind of mid-shed right now, so if you see they look a little scruffy that’s actually their winter coat coming off and that happens naturally,” said Ferry.  

Plus, some received a recessive trait giving them cow-like, black and white spots.

This one of a kind group has made a home at Windswept, grazing the days away.

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