Meet 104-year-old Ray Walker


“I kept my nose to the grindstone,” said Ray Walker. “I never left an opportunity pass me by. I took ahold of all the opportunities that came my way.”

For this Centenarian plus four, his roots run deep in Bigler, Clearfield County.  He was the first from the tiny town to go college in 1931. He graduated in 1935.

“My dad and uncle had a little store, and they went broke,” he told us. “So they didn’t have any money for me. So, I had to get money to stay in college. So, that’s what I did.”

He began selling eggs, and pototoes to his fraternity brothers.

Walker says, “there were 48 fraternities. I had 44 of them. I did very well, and I got to the point where I was sending money home to help them out.”

He eventually sold coal to Penn State and ended up being a very large player in the industry. 

He holds records beyond his business success. He’s also the oldest Pennsylvanian to be given a speeding ticket, issued when he was 100-years-old.

Ray and his wife Louise Walker open their ten acre estate, including a massive garden, to the public twice a year. All the money raised from the entrance fee goes to help the local charities in Bigler.

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