Many Clearfield Elementary School parents concerned kids are falling behind


CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Some elementary school parents in the Clearfield Area School District are concerned that their kids are falling behind due to lack of instruction.

According to working mom Christine Semelsberger, the school is following an AB format. Meaning half of the students report to school on one day, while the other half stays home.

“So my kids are in school today, tonight they will come home, and I seriously call it homework. They’ll have things that they have to do from the lesson they learned today. Tomorrow if we were to do that work today, they’ll have nothing tomorrow. If we save it until tomorrow then they’ll have that work to work on tomorrow but there is no zoom meeting, virtual connection, nothing,” said Semelsberger.

Which Semelsberger says can be a bit difficult as she has 3 kids in different grades.

“I don’t have a teacher experience, so covering all that material becomes an issue,” said Semelsberger.

According to Semelsberger, she says she’s not asking for safety to be thrown out the window and all the kids shoved back to school. Instead she says she’s asking for change on those off days so kids don’t fall behind.

“We’re not asking for the moon and stars here but where are our kids going to be moving forward? And one of the frustrations that a lot of us parents have is all the schools in our surrounding area are all back to doing in person, or have a much more in depth virtual teaching set up. I feel like we’re a little bit lagging behind like we got okay with the status quo but now we got to step it up,” said Semelsberger.

Semelsberger voiced her concerns at this week’s school board meeting and says she’s hopeful action will be taken moving forward.

We tried to reach out to the district’s superintendent, but received no further comment.

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