Man threatens wife, daughter at gunpoint in Clearfield County


CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A man is in custody and facing multiple charges after holding his estranged wife and daughter at gunpoint on Sept. 23 in Clearfield County.

William Troy Shugarts, 49, is facing multiple felony charges including burglary, criminal attempt of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. He also faces misdemeanor charges of simple assault and false imprisonment.

Police said they received a report of a Protection from Abuse (PFA) violation on Main Street in Troutville after Shugarts allegedly entered the residence of his estranged wife and held her and their daughter at gunpoint.

Police said a copy of the PFA prohibited Shugarts from contacting the victim, his estranged wife, by any means.

Police said they interviewed the victim on Sept. 23 at 1:04 p.m. at the scene, where she said her daughter came to her residence so they could go shopping for an outfit for an upcoming wedding.

The victim exited the shower as her daughter arrived when Shugarts pushed through the doorway and shoved the victim against the wall. The victim said she was forced down the hallway and into the bedroom, where she could see that Shugarts had a firearm in his waistband, according to the report.

The victim told police that at one point, Shugarts removed the firearm from his waistband and held it to his head. She told police that she thought Shugarts was going to shoot her.

According to the report, the victim agreed to have a conversation with Shugarts in an effort to deescalate the situation if he unloaded and relinquished his firearm. The victim told police that Shugarts set the firearm down on a counter.

The victim told police she felt she was in fear of losing her life and was unable to leave the residence under her own free will, according to the report.

When the police interviewed the daughter, she said that Shugarts had contacted her and told her he wanted to talk to her mom one more time. Shugarts said he “needed to hear it from her that it was over and he needed closure,” and asked the daughter to make sure the mother would be home that day.

The daughter told police that she heard her mother screaming upstairs but did not see her father go into the house. The daughter went upstairs where her father asked her to leave, but she did not.

The daughter told police that her mother lifted up her father’s shirt to discover that he had a gun. Shugarts allegedly pulled out the gun and the mother ran down the hallway, according to the report.

The report states that the daughter said she tried to tackle Shugarts in the hallway, but Shugarts caught the mother by the stairs. Shugarts grabbed the mother by the hair and put a gun to her head, then removed it and put it to his own head, according to what the daughter told police.

After Shugarts agreed to put the gun down, he unloaded the gun and gave the bullets to his daughter. The daughter said that her parents talked on the couch as she reloaded the gun for protection and texted her friends to call 911.

In an interview with Shugarts, he told police that he went to his wife’s house because he wanted to say goodbye and that he did not want to live anymore and was going to end his life.

Shugarts said that his wife knew his intentions because he told her on the day of the incident and that after talking to her he decided he was not going to end his lie. Shugarts told police that his wife agreed to go with him to the hospital to get mental health help.

Shugarts said he was never going to hurt his wife or his daughter and that he had possession of a gun to kill himself, according to police. Shugarts said the last time he saw the gun was when he unloaded it and placed it on the counter.

When police asked Shugarts if he threatened his wife or daughter, he said no. He also said he did not put a gun to either of their heads, according to the report.

Shugarts initially told police he did not remember where he got the gun when police told him that they ran the gun and it came back to his son. Shugarts said “he probably doesn’t even know it is missing,” and told police that he did take the gun from his son without permission.

Shugarts has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Oct. 2. He is currently in Clearfield County Prison where he was denied bail.

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